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Sustainable Investment

«Sustainability does not mean making profits that flow into environmental and social projects, but making profits that are already environmentally and socially acceptable.»
(Iris Pufé, «Sustainability» 2014, page 16)

Our process in detail, from the idea to the sustainable investment strategy:

  • Context What does sustainability mean to you? Your definition is the lynchpin of the investment strategy
  • Vision and Mission Joint development of a vision of how the company's values will develop and what impact this will have on your investment
  • Investment principles Development of your exact investment principles, e.g. sustainable investing, impact investing, exclusion criteria, ESG, restrictions, etc.
  • Strategy and selection Definition of medium- and long-term risk and return expectations
  • Implementation definition of asset allocation, selection of managers, reporting of investment results, monitoring of managers, risk management

Helvetic Trust sees itself as the client's partner and is responsible for managing and advising liquid financial assets as part of a sustainable investment policy.

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